I'm no longer taking new customers as my time is too thin.

Long ago I needed to learn html to make a web site for Computer Update. That lead into making sites for others. I've hooked up with Derek Brigham who is a design genius and together, we've worked on a number of sites together. He does the looks, I do the back end plumbing. In some cases I'll take over the web hosting for the customer, in other cases, I simply modify the old content.

Some of the sites I've worked on this past year:

In some cases, I've just fixed other sites in the background when the owner has gotten stuck or broken something.

Generally, I can get a new Joomla site up and running in a couple hours. Then depending on what the customer wants, like fancy templates with fly-out menus and built in sorting and such, I might go to 10 hours. The hope is with a Joomla (or WordPress) site, the owner can take over the site to keep it up to date without my help or any additional costs. Just like computer work, I want to get it simple enough for the owner to think about content and not the work involved in getting something posted.